Grading Policy

Organizational tools: Since students are allowed so many assignments to be late, it is important that students are organized and aware of important due dates. To help students stay on task, all homework, projects, assignments and tests will be posted to the in-class agenda and to Google Classroom. Parents will also have access to Google Classroom, so they can be involved in their student’s educational experience. Students will also receive text message reminders and emails of important due dates.  There will be no excuses for missed or late work.  


Grading Policy: Students will be graded on a points system. My grade book will be split into two categories: major and minor grades. Major grades will account for 60% of my student’s grades and will be dedicated to projects, essays, quizzes and tests which will allow me to monitor their knowledge and application of what they learned. Minor grades will make up 40% of my students’ grade and will represent everything related to participation and effort which includes homework, classroom activities, journals, etc. Having these two categories will allow me to quickly assess students on their knowledge and their effort. I believe this is a simple and fair grading policy that will promote productivity in my classroom.