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Teacher Expectations

What you can expect from me

As a teacher, I will be a model citizen. I will love, encourage, challenge, motivate, prepare, and guide my students throughout our educational journey together. I will personally get to know my students, so I can understand their individual situations and needs. I will do this by holding student interviews at the beginning of each year, attending their extracurricular activities, and by asking questions in class which all show students that I am genuinely interested in their well-being. Furthermore, I will get to know parents by conducting phone or video calls. These calls will allow me to introduce myself and give parents insight on their child’s progress in class.


 As a teacher, I will model respectable behavior, treat everyone fair, and never judge or criticize my students. I will strive to be an effective teacher by maintaining “a well-organized, businesslike classroom in which motivated students work diligently at their learning tasks, free from distractions and interruptions” (Kellough, 2011, p. 104.)

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